Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Press Conference

In response to a few of the vexing questions no one’s ever asked me:

If music is a moral law, as Plato is reputed to have written, then the most that can be said of our current popular music is that even at its very best it is still a misdemeanor.
History? You need to be careful, take it a bit at a time, in sips, not in gulps. History is full of poisonous memories.
I believe that as moral beings we must cast an understanding eye on any of the various forms of sexual and gender dyslexia we see around us. I do not believe that we must fashion our society upon them.
There is value in procrastination. It is the father of restraint.
She is the very model of a woman scorned. And living with her as leader would confirm the rest of the proverb.
America is the continuous project of free souls intent on forming a perfected conscience. It is a project far from completion, and much that is commonly considered progress toward that completion is in actuality no more than the dust and disorder attendant on any remodeling. Our politics are the noisome squabble of those who, driven more by ego than by any principle of design, wrongly believe themselves the architects.
His was a wounded soul, blind to the truth right in front of him, deaf to the truth ringing in his ears.

While it may be true, as I have often heard it said, that as Americans we have a government of laws and not a government of men, it is equally true that those laws are written by men and administered by them. And therein lies the rub.     

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