Saturday, December 20, 2014

Neural Twitches...

...the same being transient excitations in search of durable understanding...

All convergent journeys begin as parallel paths: a chord derived from the study of Renaissance perspective.

Ambition is the insatiable desire to be in two places at the same time.

Atheism is a way station on the road to faith.

Logically, perpetuity is the borderline between duration and eternity. Duration cognizes a segmented time, perpetuity time's persistence, eternity it's abolition. The world lives in duration and aspires to perpetuity, which, from a certain perspective, is a fair definition of purgatory, or at least a psychologically valid experience of purgatory.

Economically speaking, the soul lives in the rounding errors of what the world considers profit.

Coinage: "Psycholotics" (The exploration of the unconscious of a given polity undertaken through the observation of the manifestations of its constitutional dynamic.)
It is my belief that the journey through ultimate confusion ultimately leads to ultimate clarity.

Doubt is not the negation of faith so much as its surest evidence.

"I am fascinated by the notion of parallel universes, individual parallel realities, syncretistic mentation, convergence and the dynamics thereof, and einsteinian thought experimentation, all experienced as fundamental psycho-religious phenomena that, it seems to me, offer the best hope of properly focusing the problems of free will and the mechanics of proper education, allowing for the resolution of bad choices, and responding to the conditional question, What if death is not the end?" (page 347) Burnbridge, Alexander Particle and Wave: A Navigational Guide to the Practical Transit of Light. Minneapolis: Templar House, 1946. Print.

First principles of the discussion:
There exists a reality which we can only meaningfully call God.
"You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body." C.S. Lewis

I think it true, as the old writers of faith understood it, that God is the author of history. I think also that they may have missed the mark in thus understanding His authorship as the work of an historian when perhaps it is better conceived  as the work of a writer of fiction, an elaborate interweaving of character and plot.

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